Set Up Your Home Office so You Don’t Miss Your Space at Work

To get the most out of our work-from-home experience, we must put some effort into creating conducive surroundings for work.

by Eliza Martinez April 03, 2020 12:00 PM

The quarantine has challenged companies to be creative, and most have made work-from-home arrangements for their employees. In fact, most companies have fast-tracked their digital transformation. Finally, all meetings can be done online! 

Those of us working from home realize it's not as easy and convenient as we had in our minds while blankly staring at our work desks in the office.  Working remotely poses a few challenges, notably on our productivity and concentration—especially if we don’t have a dedicated workstation.

To get the most out of our work-from-home experience, we must put some effort into creating conducive surroundings for work.


Find the perfect space

Look for a nook or space in your house where you’ll get the peace and quiet you need to concentrate. Settle for a spot where there’s ample natural light to prevent eye strain from staring at a monitor for too long. Natural light is also a great mood booster, and it provides much-needed vitamin D so you can avoid feeling lethargic.


Pay attention to the details

If you can, find the most ergonomic chair you have that will support proper posture for those long hours you will be spending sitting. Otherwise, find the most comfortable way you can spend the hours working on your laptop. Being comfortable gives you the chance to do more. You should also set your monitor at eye level, otherwise, you might get a stiff neck from the strain.


Keep your desk clutter-free to avoid distractions, make it as close as you can get it to look like your office desk. You can put a corkboard and a monthly planner, decorate it with a few desk plants, and place a couple of books you can read during breaks.

It may sound silly, but dressing up for work will also help you 'trick' your mind to get ready for work. You’re more likely to feel lazy and procrastinate when you’re dressed in your pajamas while coordinating with clients.


Stick to a work schedule

Transitioning to the work-from-home life is so much easier with a work schedule. Good organization skills and great discipline will let you know what needs to be done. List down things that need immediate attention, like deadlines, and get them done. That said, don’t forget to include taking regular breaks to stretch around and rest your mind. The added bonus of maintaining a schedule is that it makes you efficient during your working hours. And because of this efficiency, you can indulge in those movie marathons without guilt.


At Entrego, social distancing measures were implemented in customer transactions, and proper handwashing and good hygiene were promoted. Cashless transactions were encouraged.


Designated HR personnel regularly checked on the physical and mental well-being of employees, financial resources were provided, and telecommuting was implemented. Even suppliers and authorized contractors were assisted so they may be able to take care of their manpower and partner riders.


Keep safe out there!

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