Job Description

As the Acquisition Lead for our Retail business unit in Entrego, you will be planning and leading the growth initiatives for this business, targeting MSMEs (Micro-, Small- and Medium-Enterprises) and everyday consumers. You will help create and improve our growth strategy, and spearhead initiatives that will feed the growth engine. It is important to understand that you will need to be able to work across different functions executing a wide variety of projects across the different customer lifecycle (from awareness to care to churn).


You will be responsible for:

  • To set the long-term vision and strategy for the Retail business unit’s growth engine.
  • To communicate this strategy to all of the relevant participants and stakeholders.
  • To continually gather and analyze data and business intelligence from all of these sources (as well as your internal sources like sales and customer service) — and use this data to inform the evolution of your growth roadmaps.
  • To develop and maintain roadmaps to drive growth through acquisition and retention initiatives, establishing processes to maintain the user base, overseeing testing of campaigns, prioritizing initiatives, defining and tracking metrics, analyzing results and documenting learnings
  • To execute on the growth roadmap by mapping out the campaign schedule, coordinating supporting functions, executing campaigns and tracking results and facilitating reporting, working closely with other departments such as Product and Operations.


  • A good honors Degree from top local university is preferred
  • 1-2+ years of growth-related experience with a track record of creating and growing userbase/s, consumer-facing products preferred
  • Skills required include: Strategic thinking, Problem-solving,  Communications, Planning, Data-based decision making, Digital Marketing
  • Preferably has experience working with digital marketing tools such as Google AdWords, Facebook ads, keyword selection, Google analytics or other similar web tracking tools,
  • Must be detail-oriented, deadline-conscious and results-driven
  • Experience leading and working with cross-functional teams
  • Experience working independently and a track record of taking initiative


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