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The ENTREGO Advantage

Entrego is designed to connect more than 7,000 islands of the country with our wide network of logistics and fulfillment solutions. Through Entrego as your future logistics provider, you will be capable of reaching your customers and bringing your deliveries anywhere in the country.

We are here to partner with you in achieving your ultimate goal of expanding from just citywide to nationwide reach of customers

Parcel Management

Get anything, anywhere in the Philippines by choosing a logistics solutions provider trusted by industry leaders nationwide.

Reliable Lead Times

Ensure all your packages are delivered on time. Our dedicated team let your business thrive in a fast-paced digital economy.

Online Tracking System

Track your deliveries. We employ a reliable online tracking system that lets you follow the entire delivery process from pick-up to delivery.

Competitive Pricing

Reach your customers anywhere in the Philippines through our cost-efficient service built to help you achieve your business goals.

API Integration

Enjoy a personalized logistics experience. We provide advanced and efficient solutions for seamless transactions between you and your partners.


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